DNA Testing

I have mentioned on numerous occasions how sceptical I am when it comes to the newest trend in genealogy that is DNA. Sites can claim to show you your ethnicity breakdown really does make my eyes roll.
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It is all well and good having a DNA test that claims to show you all these ‘cousins’ but you still need a tree to work out where the connection fits in. Sometimes you might not even be able to find a connection at all. When I’m approached by someone who wants their family tree researched the first thing I will say is that I will be happy to as long as you are aware that I don’t know what will fall out of the cupboard. It is very hard putting a skeleton back once you’ve let it out. Imagine adding DNA results to the mix. You can’t really hide from the science!

I have no problem with those who want to take a DNA test, that’s up to them, but you must think long and hard before submitting a test. I’ve read one too many tales where people take a DNA test and their whole world is turned upside down as a result. Needless to say there is the other side of the coin in that people can be reunited with long lost family members and it can work out well. However not every DNA match is prepared to get in touch and share what they know.

There are those who say DNA is a useful tool within the scope of your research. There are those who say that your paper tree and genetic tree are two separate entities. Personally I think DNA is another tool that can aid in the paper research because you can compare notes with a potential DNA match. There can be no doubt DNA has become very popular and it is likely this trend will continue. As I said at the beginning, think very carefully before stepping into the unknown!

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